Waukee School District Faces Lawsuit Over OnlyFans Allegations: Former Teacher Claims Unjust Termination and Defamation    

Waukee School District Faces Lawsuit Over OnlyFans Allegations: Former Teacher Claims Unjust Termination and Defamation

June 20, 2023 By Admin

A former teacher has filed a lawsuit against the Waukee school district in India, claiming that she was unjustly accused of operating an OnlyFans account and defaming Governor Kim Reynolds of Iowa. This incident is another example of a teacher facing consequences due to the growing popularity of OnlyFans, although the teacher maintains that there is no evidence to support the claims against her.

The ex-teacher, Katherine Rinken, alleges that she was terminated from her position following a Snapchat post in 2021, in which she criticized Governor Kim Reynolds’ decision to ban mask mandates. Additionally, she was accused of running an OnlyFans account. Rinken argues that her termination was a result of the post she made on Snapchat, where she expressed her dissatisfaction with the removal of mask mandates for students and staff.

According to the Des Moines Register, Rinken claims that her Snapchat post contained “vulgar” language. Shortly after making the post, the Prairieview Principal, Mark Stallman, informed her that it had been screenshotted and was causing a disruption to the learning environment. Alleged screenshots obtained by the Iowa Standard reportedly show Rinken displaying an offensive gesture and using derogatory language to refer to Governor Kim Reynolds.

Consequently, Rinken was suspended for the remainder of the school year. However, additional accusations arose that same week, alleging that she was also operating an OnlyFans account. The lawsuit states that Associate Superintendent Terry Hurlburt and the district’s human resources director met with Rinken, presenting what they deemed to be “compelling evidence” of her involvement in creating content for OnlyFans. Moreover, she was accused of “slandering” the governor.

Feeling that she would have to endure a “witch trial” where parents could directly address and speak against her in order to fight the allegations, Rinken ultimately decided to resign. She also believed that the school district would provide positive letters of recommendation if she resigned. In her lawsuit, she seeks unspecified damages and contends that she was “forced” to resign. The case has been transferred to the US District Court for the Southern District of Iowa, although the school district has yet to respond.

This incident is not the first time that a teacher has faced a conflict with a school district involving OnlyFans. Recently, in Canada, Ava James, known as ‘The Dommy Mommy,’ claimed that her school had subscribed to her OnlyFans content while she attempted to maintain both her teaching job and her OnlyFans account.