Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Ending Explained    

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Ending Explained

June 9, 2023 By Admin

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts has finally hit theaters, bringing an exciting adventure featuring the beloved robots in disguise. Inspired by the popular Beast Wars storyline, the film introduces new Transformers as both allies and enemies, engaging in thrilling battles set in New York City and Peru. However, Rise of the Beasts offers more than just explosive action and adrenaline-fueled sequences. As the first installment of a new trilogy, this latest Transformers movie delves into mystic artifacts, formidable adversaries, and potential crossovers. Just before the credits roll, the film reveals that the robots in disguise are not alone in their battle against darkness. Now that Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is available in theaters, let’s analyze the ending and unravel its significance for the future of the franchise.

Centuries before the events depicted in Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, the home planet of the Maximals is attacked by Unicron, a dark god of the Transformers who consumes Energon-rich celestial bodies to sustain himself. The Maximals’ planet becomes a target because this heroic faction possesses the Transwarp Key, a mystical artifact capable of creating portals through space and time. Unicron requires the Transwarp Key to move his massive body through space and seek out new planets to devour. In an effort to save the universe from this unstoppable threat, the Maximals sacrifice themselves and their world.

Apelinq, the leader of the Maximals, stays behind to confront Scourge, Unicron’s most dangerous servant. Meanwhile, Optimus Primal leads the remaining Maximals through a time-space portal, determined to protect the Transwarp Key from falling into Unicron’s hands. As a result, Unicron becomes stranded near the Maximals’ planet. Aware that he will starve for eternity without the Transwarp Key, Unicron orders Scourge and his Terrorcons to scour the universe in search of the artifact.

The Maximals who escape with the Transwarp Key find a new home on Earth, where they divide the artifact into two parts and hide them on opposite sides of the globe. Evidence such as sculptures and ancient drawings suggests that the Maximals have been on Earth for over five thousand years. Unfortunately, in 1994, a human archaeologist named Elena Wallace inadvertently discovers and activates half of the Transwarp Key. This unintentional activation leads to the arrival of the Terrorcons on Earth, prompting the Maximals and Autobots to unite against Unicron.

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Transformers: Rise of the Beasts takes the Autobots and their allies on a global adventure as they search for the second half of the Transwarp Key. Optimus Prime aims to use the Key to return the Autobots to Cybertron, where he hopes to turn the tide in their war against the Decepticons. The urgency intensifies when the Terrorcons kill Bumblebee after obtaining the first half of the Transwarp Key. To revive the fan-favorite Autobot, Bumblebee requires a surge of Energon energy, necessitating Prime to transport him to Cybertron as quickly as possible. However, Prime’s pursuit of the Transwarp Key makes Earth vulnerable to Unicron’s attacks. As a result, Elena and former soldier Noah Diaz believe it is best to destroy the Key, thereby trapping Unicron in a remote part of space. These two human heroes, along with the Autobots, form an uneasy alliance for a significant portion of Transformers: Rise of the Beasts.

The Maximals also suffer a devastating loss during their battle against the Terrorcons. In order to ensure the unwavering loyalty of his soldiers, Unicron corrupts their souls, binding them to his will. Utilizing the same power, Scourge manipulates the mind of the Maximal Airazor, forcing Primal to confront and defeat his dear friend. While everyone is distracted by Airazor’s unexpected betrayal, the Terrorcons seize the second half of the Transwarp Key.

In the climactic battle of Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, Scourge uses the Transwarp Key to summon Unicron to Earth through a portal. Due to Unicron’s colossal size, the portal takes time to expand sufficiently for his passage. Seizing this opportunity, the heroes unite to combat the Terrorcons and defend Earth. Setting aside their differences, humans, Autobots, and Maximals realize that working together is essential to keep the darkness at bay. Collaborating as a unified front, the heroic factions of Transformers: Rise of the Beasts devise a plan to halt Unicron.

Destroying the Transwarp Key is not an option since the resulting explosion would be catastrophic. Instead, the heroes decide to deactivate Scourge’s machine using an old safety code. The humans, navigating through small duct pipes, reach the control panel of the Transwarp Key. Simultaneously, the Autobots and Maximals launch an assault on the Terrorcons’ base, creating a diversion. However, their plan encounters unexpected obstacles when Unicron employs the time-space portal to send reinforcements to the Terrorcons. Moreover, Scourge refuses to abandon his post, remaining close to the control terminal of the Transwarp Key.

To enable Elena and Noah to deactivate the Transwarp Key, Mirage confronts Scourge alone. Despite Mirage’s valiant effort, he is overpowered and defeated. However, Mirage selflessly utilizes his body parts to create combat armor for Noah, empowering the human to fight against the Terrorcons. Just when it seems that all hope is lost, the activation of the Transwarp Key revives Bumblebee, who emerges from his dormant state to join the battle alongside his allies.

One by one, the Terrorcons are vanquished, and Elena successfully enters the kill code into the control terminal of the Transwarp Key. However, Scourge, with his dying breath, destroys the terminal, making Unicron’s arrival inevitable. Optimus Prime orders a retreat, sacrificing himself to destroy the Transwarp Key and seal the portal, trapping Unicron in space. Nevertheless, Prime is unexpectedly pulled into the portal’s suction. In the nick of time, Noah and Primal save Prime, and the three manage to escape the destruction.

With the Transwarp Key destroyed, the Autobots and Maximals are unable to leave Earth. Nevertheless, Prime is resolute in his determination to safeguard the planet alongside Primal. They recognize that Unicron remains alive and may seek revenge in the future, necessitating their preparedness.

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As Transformers: Rise of the Beasts nears its conclusion, the film delivers one final surprise for fans. Upon returning to New York City, Noah, while attempting to secure a job as a security officer, finds himself engaged in an unexpected interview. The interviewer inquires about Noah’s adventures in Peru, ultimately revealing that Noah is being considered for a secret government agency fighting to protect the world from destruction. Both Noah and his newfound friends are seen as excellent additions to this agency. As a token of appreciation for saving the world, the agency promises to cover Noah’s younger brother’s medical expenses for life, ensuring he receives the necessary treatment.

Just before the credits roll, the audience catches a glimpse of the business card Noah receives during the interview, which reveals that the agency in question is G.I. Joe. This surprise inclusion hints at a crossover between the Transformers and G.I. Joe franchises, as Hasbro and Paramount explore new avenues after the previous standalone G.I. Joe films failed to resonate with audiences.