The Flash: Soundtrack and Songs List and Details    

The Flash: Soundtrack and Songs List and Details

June 13, 2023 By Admin

The Flash, a long-awaited standalone movie featuring the speedy superhero, is set to hit cinemas worldwide this week. Despite facing delays due to the global shutdown and actor Ezra Miller’s personal issues, the film is finally making its debut. Alongside the exciting storyline, The Flash boasts an impressive soundtrack and score. In this article, we will delve into the details of the songs featured on the soundtrack and provide insights into the movie’s score.

The Flash Soundtrack

The movie’s soundtrack comprises an eclectic mix of songs that enhance the overall viewing experience. Here is a list of the songs featured in The Flash, along with the talented artists who recorded them:

  1. “If You Leave Me Now” – Chicago
  2. “Bad Fun” – The Cult
  3. “Alright” – Supergrass
  4. “Great Balls of Fire” – Jerry Lee Lewis
  5. “25 or 6 to 4” – Chicago
  6. “This Too Shall Pass” – OK Go

Please note that this list may be updated as we discover more songs included in The Flash soundtrack.

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The Flash Score: Complementing the on-screen action, The Flash features a captivating score composed by Benjamin Wallfisch. The score enhances the emotional depth and intensity of the film, immersing the audience further into the story. Here are the tracks from The Flash score:

  1. “Sounds About Right, Bruce”
  2. “Worlds Collide”
  3. “Run”
  4. “I Am Batman”
  5. “The Multiverse”
  6. “Are You Ready”

Two tracks from the score, “Worlds Collide” and “Run,” were released as singles on May 12, 2023. Subsequently, “Sounds About Right, Bruce” and “I Am Batman” were made available on May 31, nineteen days later.

Additional Musical Highlights: Apart from the original score by Benjamin Wallfisch, The Flash incorporates iconic music from Danny Elfman’s Batman score, as well as other superhero themes. These musical elements contribute to the overall atmosphere and nostalgia of the film.

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The Flash is set to captivate audiences worldwide with its long-awaited standalone debut. Alongside the thrilling storyline, viewers can anticipate an impressive soundtrack featuring renowned artists and an emotive score by Benjamin Wallfisch. The incorporation of beloved superhero themes further enhances the cinematic experience. As The Flash is released on June 16, audiences can immerse themselves in the world of Barry Allen and his extraordinary adventures.