The Blackening Release Date, Cast, Plot, Distribution, and More    

The Blackening Release Date, Cast, Plot, Distribution, and More

June 9, 2023 By Admin

“The Blackening” is an upcoming horror-comedy film by Lionsgate that challenges traditional genre tropes by featuring an all-Black friend group. Adapted from the Comedy Central sketch of the same name, the movie follows a group of friends whose weekend reunion in an isolated cabin turns into a nightmarish ordeal. In addition to providing laughter and thrills, the film aims to shake up genre conventions. Directed by Tim Story and written by Tracy Oliver and Dewayne Perkins, “The Blackening” is set to release on June 16. Here’s everything you need to know about the cast, creative team, release details, and more.

The Blackening Overview

TitleThe Blackening
Release DateJune 16, 2023
DirectorTim Story
CastSinqua Walls, Grace Byers, Dewayne Perkins, Antoinette Robinson
Runtime96 minutes
Main GenreComedy
GenresComedy, Horror, Thriller
SynopsisA group of Black friends’ weekend reunion in an isolated cabin turns into a nightmare when they encounter a racist game and a twisted killer. The film aims to subvert genre tropes.
Release DetailsEarly screenings from June 14, theatrical release followed by digital and physical formats
TrailersTwo trailers released, showcasing the film’s blend of humor, horror, and audience reactions
CastSinqua Walls, Grace Byers, Dewayne Perkins, Antoinette Robinson, and more
Creative TeamDirector: Tim Story, Writers: Tracy Oliver and Dewayne Perkins, Composer: Dexter Story, Cinematographer: Todd A. Dos Reis, Producers: Tracy Oliver, Tim Story, and more

The Blackening Plot

“The Blackening” centers around a group of Black friends who plan a relaxing Juneteenth getaway at an isolated cabin in the woods. However, their plans take a dark turn when they stumble upon a deeply racist game called “The Blackening.” To make matters worse, a twisted killer is behind the game, trapping the group with no means of escape. While the film incorporates elements of horror, its primary focus is subverting genre tropes, presenting complex and multi-dimensional characters within an all-Black friend group.

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The Blackening Release Date and Distribution

“The Blackening” is scheduled for release on June 16, coinciding with Juneteenth weekend. Early screenings will be available in select theaters from June 14, followed by standard nighttime screenings on the Thursday before the premiere day. The film will be exclusively released in theaters before becoming available in digital and physical formats.

The Blackening Trailers

The first trailer for “The Blackening” was released on March 1, providing a broad glimpse into the movie. It starts innocently enough, with the group arriving at the cabin during daylight and looking forward to a fun weekend. However, their plans are disrupted when the power goes out, leading them to discover the ominous game and a message urging them to save their missing friend, Morgan. As they engage with the game, they face the difficult choice of sacrificing the “Blackest” member. The trailer blends humor with horror, showcasing the group’s dynamic and their efforts to survive while being hunted.

The second and final trailer, released on May 17, focuses on audience reactions from preview screenings. It highlights the suspenseful moments when the group encounters the game, intercut with footage of audiences reacting in real-time. The trailer aims to generate excitement and assure viewers that they will have a thrilling experience in the theater.

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The Blackening Cast

“The Blackening” features a talented ensemble cast, including:

  1. Sinqua Walls as Nnamdi
  2. Grace Byers as Allison
  3. Dewayne Perkins as Dewayne
  4. Antoinette Robinson as Lisa

The film has a runtime of 96 minutes and falls under the main genre of comedy. It combines elements of comedy, horror, and thriller genres to deliver a unique and entertaining experience.

The Blackening Creative Team

“The Blackening” benefits from the expertise of its creative team:

  1. Director: Tim Story
  2. Screen Story and Screenplay: Tracy Oliver and Dewayne Perkins
  3. Composer: Dexter Story
  4. Cinematographer: Todd A. Dos Reis
  5. Producers: Tracy Oliver, Tim Story, E. Brian Dobbins, Marcei A. Brown, Jason Clark, and Sharla Sumpter Bridgett

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“The Blackening” is an upcoming horror-comedy that challenges genre norms with its all-Black friend group. Directed by Tim Story and written by Tracy Oliver and Dewayne Perkins, the film aims to subvert traditional horror tropes while delivering laughter and thrills. With its June 16 release date, audiences can look forward to an entertaining and boundary-pushing cinematic experience.