The Afterparty Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, and Production    

The Afterparty Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, and Production

June 8, 2023 By Admin

Fans of Apple TV+’s popular murder-mystery comedy series, The Afterparty, have eagerly awaited the arrival of Season 2. The latest trailer reveals that Detective Danner, portrayed by Tiffany Haddish, is just as excited to crack another case. The sequel takes place at a wedding, where the groom is mysteriously murdered, turning all family members into suspects. Detective Danner, along with Aniq (Sam Richardson) and Zoe (Zoë Chao), must listen to their varying perspectives to uncover the killer’s identity.

The Afterparty Season 2 Overview

TitleThe Afterparty Season 2
Release PlatformApple TV+
Release DateJuly 12, 2023 (Premiere with two episodes)
GenreMurder-mystery comedy
PlotThe groom is murdered at Zoe’s sister’s wedding, and Detective Danner, Aniq, and Zoe must find the killer among the family members.
ProducersLord Miller (Christopher Miller and Phil Lord)
ShowrunnersChristopher Miller and Anthony King

Trailer Details

The trailer, accompanied by Leslie Gore’s “It’s My Party,” begins with Aniq calling Detective Danner back to the case. Danner enthusiastically responds, ready to dive into the investigation. Unlike the previous season’s class reunion setting, Season 2 unfolds in an idyllic wedding venue where Zoe’s sister Grace (Poppy Liu) and her fiancé are about to tie the knot. However, the joyous occasion takes a dark turn when Grace discovers the lifeless body of her groom, making her the prime suspect. Detective Danner, experienced in such situations, plans to collect everyone’s accounts, referred to as “mind movies,” to identify any inconsistencies. This time, she can rely on the assistance of Zoe and especially Aniq.

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Introduction to the Star-Studded Cast

The latter part of the trailer introduces the ensemble cast, each with their own dedicated story within the episode. Even fun-loving Uncle Ulysses (John Cho) has intriguing tales to share with Aniq and Danner. Paul Walter Hauser portrays Grace’s jealous and repulsive ex-boyfriend, narrating his story in classic noir style. Anna Konkle appears as the eccentric sister in a Wes Anderson-inspired birthday scene. Ken Jeong plays the awkward father-in-law, depicted in a comedic scene reminiscent of Bridgerton. The cast also includes Elizabeth Perkins, Zach Woods, Jack Whitehall, and Vivian Wu, making this a star-studded lineup of suspects.

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Expectations for The Afterparty Season 2

The Afterparty Season 2 promises to challenge Danner, Aniq, and Zoe with more suspects and a deeper mystery, including dark family secrets. The trailer hints at the exceptional storytelling and comedic elements that made the first season a success. Christopher Miller and Phil Lord, the Academy Award-winning duo, impressed viewers with their clever casting, genre-jumping style, and a blend of hilarious comedy and thrilling mystery. The Afterparty was praised as one of the best TV debuts of 2022 by Collider’s Ross Bonaime.

Production Details

Lord and Miller return as producers for Season 2 through their Lord Miller banner. Miller, along with Emmy and Tony nominee Anthony King, shares showrunning duties and serves as an executive producer. Although the release is slightly delayed from the initial schedule, fans can now anticipate another season filled with laughter, genre-bending moments, and a captivating murder to solve.

Release Schedule

The Afterparty Season 2 premieres with two episodes on Apple TV+ on July 12, followed by new episodes every Wednesday.


The Afterparty Season 2 trailer introduces fans to the exciting world of murder, mystery, and comedy. With an expanded cast of suspects, including intriguing family dynamics and hidden secrets, Detective Danner, Aniq, and Zoe face a challenging investigation. Viewers can expect the same high-quality storytelling and comedic brilliance that made the first season a hit.