Pokemon Horizons Episode 11 Release Date, English Dubbed Version, and More    

Pokemon Horizons Episode 11 Release Date, English Dubbed Version, and More

June 10, 2023 By Admin

Pokemon Horizons: The Series takes viewers on a captivating journey across Paldea and other regions alongside the Rising Volt Tacklers. In this article, we will delve into the details of Episode 11 and provide information about its release date, expected content, and the availability of trailers. So, let’s embark on this exciting adventure with the new protagonists, Liko and Roy!

Pokemon Horizons Episode 11 Overview

Article InformationDetails
Series TitlePokemon Horizons: The Series
ProtagonistsLiko and Roy
Episode 11 Title“The Arboliva Forest”
Release DateJune 16, 2023
Episode 11 TrailerAvailable (released on June 9)

Episode 11 Release Date: Get ready for the upcoming release of Pokemon Horizons: The Series Episode 11 on 16th June at 6:55 pm JST. Every Friday evening in Japan brings new episodes of this anime to the screens of eager fans.

International Viewing Schedule: If you are not in Japan but still wish to follow along with the series, here are the release times in different time zones:

Trailer for Episode 11: A teaser for Episode 11 of Pokemon Horizons was released on June 9, immediately after the conclusion of Episode 10. The preview hinted at the increasing presence of Grass type Pokemon in this installment.

Episode Details: Episode 11 of Pokemon Horizons: The Series is titled “The Arboliva Forest.” In this episode, our protagonists Liko, Roy, and their companions set off towards the burnt forest, where Brassius, the Artazon Gym Leader, encountered the enigmatic black Rayquaza mentioned in the previous episode. Fans can also look forward to the debut of Paldean Wooper and Arboliva in this episode, which adds an extra layer of excitement.

Availability of English-dubbed Version

At present, an official English-dubbed version of Pokemon Horizons: The Series is not available. Fans eager to watch the series in English can explore options such as accessing TV Tokyo feeds, searching for fan-subbed versions, or keeping an eye out for streams on platforms like Twitch or YouTube. However, it’s important to note that official streaming platforms like Crunchyroll or Netflix do not currently offer a subbed version of Pokemon Horizons.

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With Episode 11 of Pokemon Horizons: The Series just around the corner, fans can anticipate an enthralling adventure in “The Arboliva Forest.” Stay tuned on 16th June at 6:55 pm JST to witness the next chapter of Liko and Roy’s journey. Remember to find a suitable source for viewing, and immerse yourself in the magical world of Pokemon Horizons!