Oppenheimer surpasses Bohemian Rhapsody to become the all-time highest-grossing biopic    

Oppenheimer surpasses Bohemian Rhapsody to become the all-time highest-grossing biopic

September 10, 2023 By Admin


Oppenheimer’s phenomenal box office success continues to astound the world. The Christopher Nolan-directed biopic about the inventor of the atomic bomb is finally displacing Bohemian Rhapsody as the reigning biopic king thanks to its record-breaking box office success.

With a gross of $910.8 million, the 2018 movie starring Rami Malek, who was able to win an Academy Award for his depiction of Freddie Mercury, was a resounding success at the time. Oppenheimer, which debuted in cinemas with Greta Gerwig’s Barbie in July, has greatly surpassed all predictions and, according to Deadline, will earn $912 million this weekend, which is a really remarkable sum.

Of course, the two movies vary in several ways. Consider the budget. Bohemian Rhapsody had a far lesser budget than Oppenheimer’s, roughly $55 million, which would indicate that it was a much bigger success. In contrast to Nolan’s R-classified movie, Mercury’s biography had a considerably larger audience because it was classified PG-13.

Rami Malek, though, is a crucial component that unites the two movies. Although obviously on very different scales, both productions have the Mr. Robot star in their casts. Malek is without a doubt the leading man in Bohemian Rhapsody, but he has a considerably less significant role in Oppenheimer. Along with Lucy Boynton as Mary Austin, Gwilym Lee played Brian May, Ben Hardy played Roger Taylor, Joe Mazzello played John Deacon, Aidan Gillen played John Reid, Allen Leech played Paul Prenter, Tom Hollander played Jim “Miami” Beach, and Aaron McCusker played Jim Hutton in the movie Bohemian Rhapsody.

Oppenheimer move towards The dark knight

Oppenheimer has managed to establish itself as the third most successful production in the director’s career, despite the fact that it appeared unlikely when it was first released that it would be among Christopher Nolan’s highest-grossing movies. Oppenheimer is presently working on the final two films in the well-known Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, which far outperform two of his most celebrated films, Interstellar and Inception.

It’s hard to predict whether the biopic will be able to top these two big box office successes, but everything Oppenheimer has accomplished thus far shows that it has the potential to continue to astound both fans and critics who initially credited the biopic’s success to its joint marketing campaign with Barbie, or the so-called Barbenheimer phenomenon.

Since leaving Warner Bros. Pictures following the dispute with Tenet, Nolan has worked with Universal Pictures on only one picture, Oppenheimer. The great effect that his most recent picture had makes it impossible for his present studio to let him depart, despite recent reports suggesting that the firm run by David Zaslav would prefer to have him return.

It would not be surprising if MGM and Amazon Studios went after the filmmaker for the fresh start of the 007 series after Daniel Craig’s departure because he is also said to be in line to potentially helm the next James Bond movie, a project in which Nolan has showed interest on multiple occasions.