Marvel Snap 8 June Update: Patch Notes and Balance Adjustments    

Marvel Snap 8 June Update: Patch Notes and Balance Adjustments

June 9, 2023 By Admin

The June 8 Marvel Snap update is now live, bringing in five key balance adjustments that are already in effect. This update aims to freshen up the meta by buffing some cards and nerfing others. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the latest patch notes before jumping back into ranked play to see if any of your staple cards have been affected.

Nerfs in the June 8 Update

Three cards have undergone nerfs in the Marvel Snap update. Although these cards have received minor stat adjustments, there might be some positive aspects for players who rely on them.

  1. The Hood: The Hood has been tweaked and is now a 1 Cost, -3 Power card, resulting in the loss of one extra Power. However, this unintentionally benefits Viper decks, as many players have already noted.
  2. Beast: Beast has become more powerful but costs one extra, making it a 3 Cost, 4 Power card. While the increased cost may not significantly impact bounce-type decks, the additional Power could prove advantageous.
  3. Spider-Man: Spider-Man has seen changes as well. It is now a 5 Cost, 4 Power card, up from its original 4 Cost, 3 Power. Despite the adjustment, it still retains its ability to block opponents from playing cards in a specific lane the following turn, making it useful in critical situations.

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Buffs in the June 8 Update

The Marvel Snap update also introduces two buffs to key cards, aimed at making them more appealing as mid-range options. The changes only affect the Power of these cards, without altering their costs.

  1. Rogue: Rogue’s Power has been increased from 1 to 2, while the cost remains the same at 3. This adjustment intends to make Rogue a more viable choice for countering powerful Ongoing effects.
  2. Medusa: Medusa’s Power remains at 2, but now has the potential to gain an additional +3 Power if played at the middle location. This buff aims to make Medusa a stronger contender among other options in the 2-Cost slot.

Full Patch Notes for the June 8 Update

Here are the complete patch notes for the Marvel Snap update on June 8, along with comments from the developers explaining the reasoning behind the adjustments.



The Hood:



These changes have been implemented to address specific issues within the game and ensure a more balanced and enjoyable experience for players.

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With the June 8 Marvel Snap update, players can expect a more balanced gameplay experience due to the adjustments made to various cards. Understanding these changes will help you adapt your strategies and make the most of the updated meta. Stay tuned for the highly anticipated Conquest mode, set to debut in Marvel Snap’s upcoming “biggest update yet.”