Love Island's Mitchel Taylor Faces TikTok Backlash as Exes Unite to Mock Him    

Love Island’s Mitchel Taylor Faces TikTok Backlash as Exes Unite to Mock Him

June 14, 2023 By Admin

AP Love Island’s Mitchel Taylor is already facing criticism on TikTok as three of his former partners have united to mock him. The drama is heating up just one week into the latest summer season of Love Island in 2023.

The tenth season premiered on June 5, bringing together a fresh group of attractive singles in search of their perfect match. However, gas engineer Mitchel Taylor has already found himself in hot water after confessing to dating multiple women simultaneously. And these women are not letting him off the hook!

In January, upon discovering his deceit, three of Mitchel’s exes joined forces to expose him and make light of the situation. Fans have connected the amusing TikTok video to Mitchel’s questionable behavior. Although the show did not reveal the names of the exes involved, it is now believed that they are Jemma Tattersall, 21 years old, Erin Williams, 25 years old, and Lauren Foster, 26 years old.

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The TikTok video uses audio from the 2014 film “The Other Woman,” a romantic comedy where three women plot revenge upon discovering their romantic involvement with the same man.

LIFTED ENTERTAINMENT Mitchel Taylor insists he is ready to settle down and find ‘the one.’

Despite his revelation, Mitchel claims to have transformed into a “changed man” and is now eager to find a committed relationship. In a previous interview with ITV, he stated, “I take pride in being a gentleman. I will shower you with flowers, take you on dates, and fill your bedside drawer with your favorite sweets and chocolates.”

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Mitchel has been paired with Molly Marsh, a 24-year-old content creator, who expressed her disappointment upon hearing his confession.