K-drama "Crash Landing On You" Draws Asian Tourists to Switzerland's Iseltwald Pier    

K-drama “Crash Landing On You” Draws Asian Tourists to Switzerland’s Iseltwald Pier

June 14, 2023 By Admin

The serene wooden pier in Iseltwald, Switzerland, has become a major attraction for Asian tourists ever since it featured in a romantic scene from the popular South Korean Netflix series “Crash Landing On You.” The picturesque village, framed by turquoise waters and majestic Alps, has witnessed an influx of visitors seeking to capture the essence of the beloved drama. Let’s explore how this unexpected surge in tourism has impacted Iseltwald.

The Influence of “Crash Landing On You”

“Crash Landing On You” narrates a captivating tale of a South Korean billionaire heiress who accidentally lands in the demilitarized zone and encounters a kind-hearted North Korean army officer. The series includes several flashbacks set in Switzerland, with a particularly enchanting scene taking place on Iseltwald’s wooden pier. In this scene, the male lead serenades the girl of his dreams, arriving by ferry, with a soulful piano melody.

Asian Tourists Flock to Iseltwald

The popularity of “Crash Landing On You” skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic, as people sought captivating entertainment while confined to their homes. Consequently, the drama gained immense popularity in Asia, propelling Iseltwald into the spotlight as fans yearned to experience the locations showcased in the series. The charm of Iseltwald’s pier, coupled with its romantic setting, has made it a must-visit destination for enthusiasts of the show who manage to make their way to Europe.

The Challenges Faced by Iseltwald

While the surge in tourism has brought economic benefits, it has also presented unexpected challenges for the small village of Iseltwald. Since travel restrictions eased in Asia, the number of visitors has exploded, creating difficulties in managing the influx. Last summer, up to 20 coaches arrived daily, congesting the roads and occasionally blocking access to the village. Additionally, locals have expressed concerns about the behavior of some “Crash Landing On You” fans who rush to take pictures at the pier without contributing much to the local economy.

Efforts to Regulate Tourism

To address the overwhelming number of tourists, Iseltwald’s municipality announced new measures in May 2023. Pre-booked coaches with paid reserved parking spots are now the only ones allowed into the village. Furthermore, a turnstile has been installed at the pier, requiring tourists to pay a “selfie fee” of 5 Swiss francs (US$5.50) to pass. These steps aim to control the flow of visitors and generate revenue for the maintenance of the pier.

Reactions and Future Prospects

While some tourists have expressed disappointment or reluctance to pay the selfie fee, locals and tourism officials believe that these measures are necessary to preserve the village’s beauty and ensure the safety of visitors. The system has already shown promising results, with fewer coaches congesting the roads. However, finding a balance between attracting tourists and maintaining the tranquility of Iseltwald remains an ongoing challenge.

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Conclusion: The global success of “Crash Landing On You” has unexpectedly put Iseltwald’s wooden pier on the map, drawing Asian tourists to experience the romantic charm depicted in the series. While this influx of visitors brings economic benefits, it has also strained the village’s infrastructure and raised concerns among the locals. By implementing measures to regulate tourism, Iseltwald aims to strike a balance between preserving its natural beauty and providing an enjoyable experience for all visitors.