GTA Online Players Express Disappointment as Rockstar Removes 195 Vehicles from In-Game Store    

GTA Online Players Express Disappointment as Rockstar Removes 195 Vehicles from In-Game Store

June 14, 2023 By Admin

Grand Theft Auto Online, a widely known game enjoyed by countless internet users, has recently sparked dissatisfaction among players. Developer Rockstar reportedly made the decision to eliminate nearly 200 vehicles from the in-game store in an effort to enhance the overall gaming experience.

GTA Online, renowned for its open-world setting and engaging gameplay, offers players a plethora of activities, including heists, armed robberies, and races. Among these activities, driving has emerged as one of the most popular ways to immerse oneself in the virtual world. The game provides a wide array of vehicles, enabling players to curate their own collection.

Unfortunately, it appears that Rockstar’s recent removal of numerous cars from the in-game store has left many players disgruntled. On June 13, Rockstar officially announced that they had relocated less frequently used vehicles to event showrooms and the Lucky Wheel. However, the revelation that a total of 195 vehicles had been completely removed from the store incited an outcry among the player base.

Expressing their discontent on Reddit, one player stated, “The vast majority of these vehicles are not simply less common or spawn-on-the-street vehicles.” They further highlighted that some of these vehicles, such as the Stirling GT, were considered highly competitive within their respective classes. Nevertheless, the Stirling GT can still be obtained by GTA+ members through the newly introduced “Vinewood Car Club,” a location where 10 vehicles are rotated on a weekly basis for testing and purchasing.

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Several players echoed these sentiments, deeming Rockstar’s decision to introduce a Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) element into a decade-old game as perplexing. The community’s frustration is evident, with one individual remarking, “That’s a disgusting amount of content removed.”

At present, it remains uncertain how Rockstar plans to address this issue. However, given the vehement backlash from players regarding the vehicle removals, it is evident that the developer must take action to assuage their concerns. Perhaps we can expect to see the reinstatement of some of these vehicles in the near future.