Google Lens can now search for skin conditions    

Google Lens can now search for skin conditions

June 15, 2023 By Admin

Google is introducing new features to enhance Google Lens, its computer vision-powered app that provides information related to identified objects. The latest updates expand Lens’ capabilities by incorporating skin condition recognition and integration with Google’s AI-powered chatbot experience called Bard. These improvements aim to provide users with valuable insights and assist in various visual search scenarios.

Google Lens Identifies Skin Conditions: Beginning today, Lens can identify and surface skin conditions, such as moles and rashes, through uploaded pictures or photos. By initiating a visual search, Lens will look for matches and provide relevant information. This feature also extends to other physical maladies that may be challenging to describe in words, such as lip bumps, nail lines, or hair loss. Although this feature falls short of Google’s AI-driven skin diagnostic app, which faced regulatory challenges, it can still assist users in determining whether they should seek medical attention or explore over-the-counter treatments.

Lens Integration with Bard: As previously announced at I/O, Google Lens is now integrated with Bard, Google’s AI-powered chatbot experience. Users can include images in their Bard prompts, and Lens works behind the scenes to help Bard comprehend the visual context. For instance, if a user shows a photo of shoes and asks for their name, Bard, with insights from Lens’ analysis, will provide an answer.

Advancements in Bard: Google continues to invest in generative AI technologies, and Bard is receiving regular updates. Last week, Google introduced a capability that enables Bard to write, execute, and test its own code, enhancing its programming and problem-solving abilities. Additionally, Google partnered with Adobe in May to incorporate art generation capabilities into Bard, further expanding its creative potential.

Conclusion: Google Lens’ latest features bring valuable enhancements to the visual search experience. By identifying skin conditions and providing assistance with physical maladies, Lens can help users make informed decisions regarding medical attention. Integration with Bard adds a new dimension to Google’s chatbot experience, enabling users to leverage visual inputs for more accurate responses. As Google continues to invest in AI technologies, the advancements in Bard demonstrate the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of generative AI and enhancing user experiences.