Dr Disrespect and Hasan Clash Over Loyalty in Gaming World    

Dr Disrespect and Hasan Clash Over Loyalty in Gaming World

June 19, 2023 By Admin

Dr Disrespect has criticized Hasan, referring to him as a “fat phony,” following Twitch star NICKMERCS’ Call of Duty operator bundle being removed. This came after NICKMERCS faced backlash for his comment about leaving children alone in response to a tweet about a Pride Month protest at a school.

As a consequence, Call of Duty decided to remove NICKMERCS’ bundle from the game. Dr Disrespect found this action “embarrassing” and uninstalled the game, vowing not to play it until NICKMERCS receives an official apology.

Hasan responded to Dr Disrespect’s decision during a livestream and criticized him for prioritizing NICKMERCS’ in-game presence over his own loyalty. Dr Disrespect and his fans were displeased with Hasan bringing up the past and the Two-Time addressed this comment on his own livestream.

Dr Disrespect expressed his disagreement with Hasan’s loyalty comments and advised him to focus on himself and his immediate surroundings. He also referred to Hasan as a “fat phony” and suggested that Hasan wouldn’t make such comments face-to-face due to potential consequences.

The reactions to this feud between the two streamers have been mixed. Some viewers supported Dr Disrespect’s stance, praising him for speaking the truth, while others found Hasan and his viewers cringe-worthy. On the other hand, some viewers sided with Hasan, questioning Dr Disrespect’s statements and his overall approach to the situation.

So far, Hasan has not responded to Dr Disrespect’s comments. Currently, much of the livestreamer’s attention seems to be focused on the Kick deal with xQc, which Hasan believes will subject Kick to more scrutiny.