A New Suits Series confirmed    

A New Suits Series confirmed

October 18, 2023 By Admin

A New Suits Series confirmed
Aaron Korsh’s legal drama Suits was a huge success with audiences. The sitcom made its USA Network debut in 2011, and it continued for nine seasons, with the last one premiering in September 2019. A number of factors contributed to the show’s appeal, including the clever, dramatic plot and the cast’s strong performances. Suits was able to survive the departure of several of its major players and open the door for a spinoff, Pearson, based on a character from the first season, all because of its devoted fan base.

The popular courtroom drama was released on Netflix in June of this year, four years after its final episode. Suits broke multiple streaming records once it debuted on the service; according to Time, the show garnered 12.8 billion minutes of viewing time over the course of only four weeks on Peacock and Netflix. Nobody was shocked when Aaron Korsh, the show’s creator, revealed a new Suits-based series given the original series’ enormous popularity on Netflix. Will the new series enjoy the same level of success as the Suits, which ended a few years ago, given the time that has passed?

A New Suits Series confirmed

What were the primary themes of the suits?

Gina Torres’ character Jessica Pearson led a law firm in New York City in the original series. The program followed Patrick J. Adams in his role as Mike Ross, a character who is extremely intelligent, highly skilled, and has a photographic memory. Harvey Specter, played by Gabriel Macht, recruits Mike Ross to join the law firm. A partner at the law firm and a famous lawyer, Harvey brings Mike into the firm despite the fact that Mike lacks a formal law degree. Other characters on the show include Rick Hoffman and Louis Litt, Sarah Rafferty as Donna Paulsen, and Meghan Markle as Rachel Zane.

Even though Suits was available on Peacock and Prime Video before it was released on Netflix, the drama still caused quite a stir when it debuted on the streaming service. This year, the streamer finished the first eight seasons of the program. Creator of the series, Aaron Korsh himself, has been stunned by the success of the series on Netflix. Taking to X, he said:

“I always thought we were underestimated, but it turns out, even I underestimated #Suits. It’s good to be the King”

Given how many people use Netflix and how many countries it is available in, it is likely that the show’s popularity was boosted by these factors. Meghan Markle, who portrayed Rachel Zane in the series, could possibly have contributed to the show’s popularity on streaming services. The former Suits actress is now married to Prince Harry, and her association with the British Royal family has generated a lot of controversy. Prior to her union with Harry, Markle’s final significant on-screen role was in Suits.

What Can We Expect From a New Suits Series?

Deadline has reported that the new show would not be a spinoff, revival, or reboot of the original series. The new show, nevertheless, will take place in the same world as Suits. Los Angeles is reportedly being explored as the next series’ setting, according to reports from Deadline. There will definitely be some parallels between the new series and Suits because they are both based in the same world, but there will also likely be significant differences. There’s still a chance to catch a peek of some of our favorite characters from the original show, even though the cast and locale have completely changed.

Additionally, the new series could premiere earlier than fans anticipate. According to Deadline, there is a strong effort to fast-track the project. This is most likely because the show’s creative staff wants to take advantage of the excitement that surrounds Suits at the moment. Aaron Korsh, the driving force behind the first series, will continue to work with NBCUniversal on producing the next one. In addition, he will executive produce alongside Doug Liman and David Bartic. Liman and Bartic were Suits executive producers as well.